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Part Three of Liberation in Our Hands (see also Part One: the Preliminaries and Part Two: the Fundamentals) contains the remaining portion of Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche's twenty-four-day teaching on the Lamrim, delivered at Chusang Hermitage near Lhasa, Tibet in 1921.

The Buddha's teaching sets forth two ultimate goals: complete liberation from samsara and the unsurpassed enlightenment of Buddhahood. The first of these goals is explained during Days Fourteen and Fifteen, using two of the Buddha's most important teachings: the Four Noble Truths and the Twelve Limbs of Dependent Origination. The main purpose of this instruction is to engender a deep aversion for samsaric existence, along with the aspiration to attain permanent freedom from it.

The second ultimate goal, that of a Buddha's perfect enlightenment, is covered in Days Sixteen through Twenty-four. This material, which is unique to the Mahayana tradition, contains instruction on generating Bodhichitta and on practicing the six Paramitas, with special emphasis on the final two of one-pointed concentration and wisdom. The section on Bodhichitta also includes Lord Atisha's unique oral teaching, known as The Seven-Point Instruction on Mind Training.

The text closes with a description of the formal ritual for generating Bodhichitta, traditionally held at the end of an extensive Lamrim teaching.

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