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Vajrayogini Prayer Book
113 pages. List price: $10.00

The Vajrayogini Prayer Book contains four recitation texts:
(1) Panchen Lobsang Chökyi Gyeltsen's Six-Session Guru Yoga (Thun drug).
(2) The Lord of Tushita's Myriad Deities (Ganden Hla-gyama).
(3) Je Tsongkapa's Source of All Good Qualities (Yonten Shirgyurma).
(4) Kyabje Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo's extensive Vajrayogini sadhana, The Short Path to Great Bliss, including the Assembly-Worship Ritual (Tsok-kyi Chöba).

All texts are in a bi-lingual format with the Tibetan and English on facing pages. The Tibetan is presented in Tibetan characters with the romanized pronunciation below.

Disclaimer: This prayer book is for the exclusive use of followers of the Vajrayogini lineage founded by the great realized pandit Naropa. The sadhana should not be used even by those practitioners who have received the requisite Vajrayogini initiation but have not yet heard the profound instruction on the two stages of practice.
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